a humble bar in the void

welcome to the bar. would you like a drink?

are you lost?

do not worry. i am here to answer all your questions.

"who am i? where am i?"

you are an alter in a DID system, you are part of a collective of people in a single brain keeping your body together. this is a result of childhood trauma, you may not remember it, but that is ok.

"i don't recognize anyone around me, help!"

be calm, first you should find any trace of who you are in whatever social media/direct message platform the rest of your system uses, then you need to find where your headmates communicate in the most. read through the messages, and if the people around you know of your condition, don't be afraid to ask them questions about your own state and who they are.

"i feel little. but i don't look little, why?"

this likely means you are a little/teen alter, your mental age is younger than that of your body. if this is your situation, the first thing you should do is attempt to find another member of your system, preferably an adult, to help guide you through everything. if you cannot communicate with any other alters, you should find friends that know about your system (preferably other systems) and have them watch over you until an adult in the system is able to reach you.

"i remember [x] thing but it's different now, why?"

this likely means you hold some past memories or have come back from dormancy after a period of time. make sure to verify with other alters (preferably) and or friends the current state of something you remember or a person you knew before, you might not be friends with someone or maybe a thing you owned is no longer in your possesion, but that is ok, you have new friends and you have somewhere safe to be.

i hope this page helped you get a good grip on your situation and surroundings, stay safe, friend.